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Gwala Mnandi on the way, Jungle Loco set to release Album on the 30th of September

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Rapper Jungle Locco speaks on his upcoming album Gwala Mnandi, he gives an insight talking about how it entails and explains the sweetness of money. The project comes with it being more of a hustle oriented body of work. (Money) This what actually makes the world spin; money, moola, gwala, nyoso!! It is what keeps the entire world on its feet. The spectrum is huge on what money can motivate mankind to venture into and how it can be a sweet poison too.

Gwala Mnandi the album, mood wise, it’s like a hustle and social skill lecture given from the perspective of a big brother also real talk coming from a happy place. Leaves you stuck between soulful and blissful.

Jungle Loco: recording wise, I recorded as I penned the project in like 6 months max!! And there are a total of 15 tracks. The production is relatively better than Bata Mastreets. I’m always trying to outdo my last/previous projects. I love soulful melodies if I’m to go deep with it, pianos, strings, pads, sub basses and jazzy basses. Also adding hard hitting percussion and low pitched basses on turn-up tracks. The vibes should be different from what’s already out there. Has to be super-Jungly

He talks about how he draws influence from some of the greatest rappers to hold a Mic with the illmatic star Nas, Jay-Z and Nu Clique (the rappers on old Decibel songs).

Production credits go to
John The Producer
Wecyd Will
HooLan Wolf
Bless Beats
Dj Sqkatta
Cyber 101

The album will be released for streaming on Audiocus but it will be sold for $5 a copy and purchases can be done via Ecocash, Mukuru, Access Forex, World Remmit etc.

There will be Gwala Mnandi merch which was designed by Free Apparels & Baggit which will be sold along with the album as well.

Links to his previous body of works

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