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E.L Fluidly Blends Azonto & Hip-Hop on ‘Soba’

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Fresh off stellar performances at the “Back To Azonto” and “Boomplay Campus Tour,” Ghanaian rapper E.L has taken it upon himself to spearhead the revival of the cherished genre. Through his dedication and musical prowess, he aims to reintroduce Azonto to the world stage and reignite the passion and enthusiasm it once commanded. Produced by the renowned Kojo Steve, “Soba” is a groundbreaking fusion of Azonto and Hip-hop, boasting heavy bass and an undeniable bounce. It embraces a cross-genre appeal that seamlessly blends the best of both worlds.

“Soba” is a euphoric anthem that captures the essence of feeling carefree and ecstatic, much like the spirit of a wild night after a party, thanks to good company and studio vibes. The brainchild of the acclaimed music producer Kojo Steve, “Soba” was masterfully crafted to showcase E.L’s unique talent and captivating style. 

Describing the creative process behind “Soba”

“Kojo and I hit the studio on a crazy night after a party. None of us were sober, I guess. The energy was electrifying, and we channeled that into the song, making it a feel-good anthem that celebrates life, joy, and the essence of a wild night out.”


As the second release of the year for E.L, “Soba” signifies his commitment to providing fans with a steady stream of exceptional music in 2023. With a slew of projects in the works, the rapper is ready to make a lasting impact on the music industry.

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Elom Adablah, better known by his stage name E.L, is a multiple award-winning rapper, singer, producer, and sound engineer known for bringing contemporary Ghanaian music to the forefront of African cultureHe also made a name as the pioneer of the Azonto genre, which took Ghana by storm in the early 2010s.  In his 15year career, the rapper has churned out many hit songs and won several awards, including “Artist of the Year” at the 2016 Ghana Music Awards. An energetic and stellar performer, E.L also toured with legendary American singer Lauryn Hill.  

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