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Commemorating June 16: An SA Hip Hop Playlist

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On National Youth Day, we pay our respects to the youth of 1976 who were instrumental in helping shape the country’s history and future, during the Soweto uprising massacre.

As the country still struggles to gain stability, and the youth battle unemployment and personal struggles – we reflect on the impact music has made on everyday life.

While many South Africans step out in their former school uniforms to commemorate June 16, others will be seated in their homes watching Sarafina!, a 1992 local musical with themes inspired by the Soweto uprising.

From the days of apartheid, leading to the “free South Africa” in 1994, musicians voiced the sorrows many South Africans faced, in their music. From Hugh Masekela and Brenda Fassie, to rappers like HHP, Zuluboy, and the group Jozi – music has, for a long time, been used to address many societal issues while also giving us hope for a better tomorrow.

We compiled a playlist to acknowledge June 16, complete with sounds from all around the country from rappers who sought to use their voices to make a change.

Listen below:

Compiled by Moroba & Oatlhotse.

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