Friday, June 2, 2023

Cameroon’s Worst Rapper Of All Time, Show Yoh Speaks On Not Meeting 50 Cent In Dubai

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Rapper 50 Cent delivered a high-energy performance in Dubai on Friday.

The US singer was in the UAE, bringing his Green Light Gang World Tour to the Coca-Cola Arena.

During the hit-packed performance, he breezed through all of his greatest tracks. He sang P.I.M.P. to open the show, his 2003 hit featuring Snoop Dogg, Lloyd Banks and Young Buck, followed by fan favourite Candy Shop.

The concert finished with In da Club, though he came back on stage for a lengthy encore, which saw him perform a string of hits, including Baby by Me.

Definitely Cameroon’s Rapper of All Time, Show Yoh was also in attendance at the event alongside fellow musician and countryman Je Suis Kobo. Both artists attended the event with the aim of meeting 50 Cent but that didn’t happen.

Rapper Show Yoh has a message for his fans as he writes:

“Hello ladies and gentlemen, fans and best wishers, show Yoh and team are currently in Dubai. The essence of their Dubai trip was to attend the 50 Cent’s show at Coca-Cola Arena Dubai with the main aim of seizing the opportunity to meet with 50 Cent, but unfortunately, because of reasons beyond our control, our meeting did not take place. Although we did not meet with him, we were highly moved as we were privileged to watch him perform live, and gained more inspiration from his words and stage mastering. We keep hoping on meeting with him sooner or later, in short, our meeting him is either by crook or hook this time.”



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