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BoomerCPT in an alternative world

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Founder & Chief Creative Mind at Hiphop Africa

BoomerCPT is creating his own world of alternative Hip-hop music. Getting inspiration from rock and alternative RnB BoomerCPT is ready to change the face of rap music one song at a time. This past year BoomerCPT completed his matric last year while trying to find balance. He soon came to realise that music is his everything.

“Music has always been my main focus, so having to balance school another extra year felt very weird. Especially since I could have been done earlier. Since a very young age, I didn’t see the importance of school but I know that matric is important so I had to finish it.”


“My chemical romance” and “bring me the horizon” influenced BoomerCPT heavily while he slowly made his transition away from the music his peers were making. Most of his peers made Hip-hop while BoomerCPT felt the need to go in a new direction with a more alternative approach.

Judgement was a challenge Boomer had to face head-on. Going against the grain isn’t always easy but it’s something that we all have to do at one time or another. Boomer continues to strive towards becoming the best artist that makes alternative music in South Africa and eventually goes on to grow a fan base all over the world.

“Music is therapy for me and I treat it as such. Whatever I release I want it to come from a personal space. “


For more on BoomerCPT read our interview below:

The following interview has been lightly edited for context and clarity

Daniel Young: When did you start getting into music?

BoomerCPT: Music has always been an aspect in my life. I started making music in 2018 and partook in rap battles at my school. I soon realised that I couldn’t always go to YouTube for my beats and I learnt how to make my own.  I remember using the demo version of fruity loops and then moving onto getting the crack version. Ever since then everything has been going up for me.

Talk to me about that transitional period of moving from YouTube beats to making your own, you don’t just start off and everything is perfect.

To be honest with you it was not easy at all. YouTube beats is where I got all of my inspiration from. I went from finding my own vibe with a certain beat on YouTube to actually having to go and create my own atmosphere. It wasn’t easy at all but I think that even through that process it was shaping me into the artist that I want to become.  I went through so many avenues to make sure that I can become the best version of myself. I asked my friends for help and I even went on Reddit to help with my production.  As time went by the process got smoother.

Do you play instruments?

I don’t know how to play any instruments. I am learning how to play the keyboard so I can brush up on my production skills. I remember my parents would always buy me the flute or a guitar but I just wouldn’t use it. I had no interest in it at all.

Can you talk to me about the music scene that you are currently in? I know that once you start making music it can feel isolated but once you start getting to know more people it becomes so small. How have you found it?

I have always liked being the centre of attention. Sorry for saying it like that but I’m just being real. Getting attention from other artist isn’t just something that I brushed off easily, I really liked it. I even used it as fuel to grow as an artist. I found a lot of friends that I made in this music business. The fact that the Cape Town music scene is not on top right now is mind blowing.  Slowly but surely we are getting there.

How have you found with collaborating with other artists? Has it been easy working with other people and trusting them with your ideas?

It really depends on their vibe. I do get tired of people who consistently have the same subject matter all the time. Personally I like to try new things and experiment with my sound. I want to change the landscape and push other artists to do the same.  Working with artist who are as open as I am and creative as I am is the most beautiful experience ever. However, if I get this vibe that people just want to work with me for clout then I will only do one song with them.

So then how do you differentiate between the two, do you have to sit down with someone beforehand or can you just tell by their “vibe”.

It’s a bit of both. I can meet someone on whatsapp and see by the content that they post that they are just in music for the clout. Then you get others who just radiate creativity when you meet them and I think to myself I want to work with them. One thing I don’t like is an artist that is consistently rapping on ‘Lil Baby’ type beats.

Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

I see myself being successful. Not just successful in a financial sense but I want to better myself as a person. I want to be a better person emotionally. I think that taking care of your mental health is very important. I hope that in the next 5 years I become less anxious and I want to be someone that people look up to.

You mentioned success… What does success look like to BoomerCPT?

You get two types of success in my opinion. There is personal success and then there is success that is seen by others. Personal success to me would be being happy with how far you have come as a person. Success seen by others I would say is if a lot of people like you. It’s a very subjective topic.

If you had to describe yourself as a person, it doesn’t have to be music related. How would you do so?

I would describe myself as reckless. I am very emotionally hard headed and combative to a point where if you don’t believe in what I am doing then I would do my best to try and show you that I can achieve that very goal that I set out for myself. I am basically just all over the place. I like to hustle. A prime example of that would be if we are in the same studio and I want to get money now but you’re saying let’s get money in 5 minutes’ time. I am going to tell you that you should stop your nonsense.

How would you describe the type of music that you make?

To be honest with you I don’t know how to answer that question. The type of music that I make is just me. It’s emotional and also very ignorant. My lyrics aren’t going to take you to google to search what I just said but it’s very direct and I try my best to speak to the soul. Music is a spiritual thing.

For more on BoomerCPT follow his social media: BoomerCPT

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