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Big Hash Shares Who He Thinks Is The Most Quoted SA Rapper

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Big Hash Shares Who He Thinks Is The Most Quoted SA Rapper! Rappers as we know them have big egos and would take the first chance to brag about themselves, whether lyrically or how dope their catalogues are, which is why we were caught by surprise by Big Hash’s response to a question posed for SA Hi Hop fans on twitter.

A twitter user took to the platform asking fans of SA Hip Hop who they thought is the most quoted rapper currently. The Big Hash jumped on the conversation responding with a subtle answer which also came with a command. It seems according to Big Hash, no local rapper can touch A-Reece when it comes to quotables. “REECEPECT HIM,” Big Hash responded.

This response has left most people wondering and others speculating who he might be referring to. From the comments reacting to his tweet, it looks like the people in the comments have endorsed A-Reece as the most quoted SA Hip hop rapper. Big Hash giving props to A-Reece is not however surprising as it’s not the first time he’s publicly showed his love for A-Reece. The duo has a history having worked together on a couple of projects.

A-Reece is back with a bang after beginning off 2021 with his catchy tunes “Morning Peace” and “5 Year Plan.” ‘Today’s Tragedy, Tomorrow’s Memory,’ the Mzansi rap star’s long-awaited and highly anticipated fifth full-length effort received much attention with his bar for bar lyrical content captivated his fans quoting most of his lyrics to their everyday life.

Despite gaining a cult-like following among his ever-loyal fan base, A-Reece chooses to stay aloof and away from the spotlight and his music journey has not been marred with a lot of scandals compared to other Hip hop artists.  Ever since his cameo it has been great paying attention to his music prowess.

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