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TDF Release New Trap Single MUD

Cape Town's sensational hip-hop crew, TDF is back with an electrifying new trap single, "MUD." This release promises to be another chart-topping hit from the talented rap group who have been making waves in the South African music scene.,...

Kojo Efson Remains Resolute With New Single ‘Who Send Dem’

Ghana’s emerging artist, Kojo Efson returns with his latest single, ‘Who Send Dem.’ This Hip-Hop track, produced by the exceptional, Tanic J delves deep into Kojo Efson’s journey of self- discovery, growth and unwavering resilience. Efson, who earned a...

Majorsteez Collaborate With Award-winning Rapper AKA On New Single Smooth Operator

South African Hip-hop and R&B duo Majorsteez return with their latest single featuring late rapper and record producer, Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, affectionately known as AKA. This collaboration marks the first release since AKA’s passing and final album, 'Mass Country',...

President Zik’s “See You Soon” EP: A Musical Journey of Dreams, Hard Work, and Triumph

See You Soon should inspire individuals to pursue their dreams and passions. It should serve as a reminder that with dedication, hard work, and perseverance, one can achieve their goals. It ties to the overall theme and brand identity of President Zik as someone who inspires the audience to go above and beyond. It is a continuation from the No Dayz Off ethos, which sees the artist locked in and gearing himself up for the perfect launch, and on ‘See You Soon’ he demonstrates that he is closer to his dreams now more than ever before. The project is set ignite a spark within listeners, motivating them to chase their aspirations and follow their own creative paths. “See You Soon” is a three part series, with each pack revealing a new layer of the artist’s personality, at the same time narrating the story of what it took to get here. It revolves around themes of inspiration, dreams, hard work, socio-consciousness and relationships. set includes "Wallai," "3:15," "Did It Again," and "Recipe." Each of these songs delve into autobiographical details about my journey, commencing with the first mention of Zaria (my city of origin) in "Wallai" where I rap, "used to ride around Z-City we like seven deep, thinking this came easy, what you telling me?" On "Wallai," I talk about the circumstances of my ascent and emphasize my appreciation for the resources I had, no matter how limited. Moving on to "3:15," there’s an offer to give an even more detailed insight into the challenges we faced on the come up. The lyrics paint scenarios of sleeping on floors, an empty tank, and a depleted bank account. Again there are various references of the cities integral to my journey, such as "KD-ABJ,"  as I depict my movement from the starting point, 069. "Did It Again" marks a turning point as my bravado takes center stage, showing heightened confidence and a stronger belief in my ability and consistency. Alluding to my past there are lines like the opening bars on the second verse which goes - "reminiscing on some ways back, on the come up had to face facts, met a couple niggas on the same path, some them fell off, but I stayed strapped" - detailing growth over time, and how it has influenced my approach. Finally, "Recipe" serves as a triumphant conclusion to the story. It delves even deeper into my past, referencing my upbringing, neighborhood, school, and other pivotal elements that have converged to create my unique "recipe" for success. The hook contains the reaffirmations of my loyalty to BHP, the collective and crew we founded during our uni days. "BHP, the realest squad there gon ever be." Follow President ZikX: @presidentzikBHPInstagram: @presidentzik 

Mayhem KS Release Music Video For Trap Banger “Kinda (Fresh Version)”

Mayhem KS just released the music video to his hit song "Kinda"(Fresh Version) This visually captivating and musically enchanting video is set to take fans on an entirely new journey through the song's narrative and showcases Mayhem KS's evolution...

A-Reece Release Second Studio Album P2: THE BIG HEARTED BAD GUY

Making history with one of South African Hip Hop’s most anticipated albums, rapper A-Reece just released his second studio album P2: THE BIG HEARTED BAD GUY. Currently on tour with his The Reece Effect, Show A-Reece once again surprised critics...

Amos K Addresses Ghanaian Social Injustice on New Single “This Country”

In this two minutes and 48 seconds rap address, Amos K and Kwame Dabie skillfully address the pressing issues in Ghana. The Dab Beatz produced track opens with a thought-provoking hook on the emigration crisis and the "japa" phenomenon,...

Kwame Yesu Delivers A Feast On Latest EP The Last Supper 

Fast rising Ghanaian rapper Kwame Yesu  who has been buzzing in the underground just delivered his latest project " The Last Supper."  A six-track EP, featuring the per-released hits "Adwuma" and  "Libation." title of the EP is a clever wordplay on Kwame Yesu's name, where "Yesu" means Christ and just like the Last Supper in Christian tradition marked the beginning of something great, Kwame Yesu's "Last Supper" is a prelude to the remarkable journey ahead in his musical career, his adept rapping style is evident across all six tracks of the project. He delves into a range of themes, including his dreams, mindset, circle of friends, and lifestyle, offering a glimpse into his life's intricacies through wordplay and signature laidback style of rapping. "The Last Supper" is a musical journey that effortlessly samples different genres, presenting listeners with a rich tapestry of sounds. From the drill-infused vibes of "Adwuma," which pays homage to his past hit "Anadwo" with Black Sherif, to the Hip-Hop, reggae fusion of "Libation," this EP offers a diverse musical experience. Trap and HipHop elements are seamlessly woven throughout, showcasing Kwame Yesu's genre-blurring creativity. For those who appreciate thematic cohesion in a musical project, "Last Supper" is a delight. Each track transitions seamlessly into the next, accentuated by the right effects and sound bites. Listening to the EP feels like being seated at the table, an honored guest at Kwame Yesu's "Last Supper." Kwame Yesu's "Last Supper" is just a step forward for more exciting things to come. Fans can look forward to the "Last Supper with Yesu" show happening in November, where Kwame Yesu will undoubtedly bring the magic of his new tracks to life.“The Last Supper” EP comes off Kwame Yesu's recent signing to MIMLife Records, joining the ranks of Tema artists Mista Myles and Kimillist. MIMLife Records, known for nurturing exceptional talents, was once home to B4Bonah, showcasing its knack for spotting promising artists. Kwame Yesu's addition to the label hints at the incredible potential he brings to the music scene. Stream "The Last Supper" on All Major Platforms

Shtiiino Wants War with This Year with New Single featuring Flow Jones JR

Emerging hip-hop artist from Cape Town Shtiiino teams up with Mzanzi's hiphop hotshot Flow Jones JR to deliver an electrifying new single "This Year." This collaboration is a statement Shtiiino to the South African Hiphop scene."This Year" is a...

New Music- President Zik & Teck-Zilla: Prezzy Bomaye

“ Prezzy Bomaye” is the lead single from rapper President Zik aka Young Prezzy and producer/DJ Teck-Zilla’s forthcoming collaborative project Mike & Muhammad. Bolstered by Teck-Zilla’s lush synth-driven trap soundscape, President Zik steps into the proverbial ring with verbal punches and a smooth demeanour to match....

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