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A-Reece Celebrates 4/20 With The Burning Tree: Remix Deluxe

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Aside from guest features such as his appearance in Dj Clen’s latest single, A-Reece has not released any new music as of late. However, his name is constantly mentioned in lists of hot emcees while his projects continue to rank high in music charts – mostly thanks to his loyal (and often ruthless) fan base, the Slimes.

As someone who regularly raps about indulging in cannabis, Reece celebrates the world-famous 4/20 and revisits his 2022 offering, The Burning Tree with a remix deluxe version. And keeping to the theme, the cover is changed from the original red hue to green.

In addition to the original songs, the project opens with First Time 4 Everything but instead of A-Reece and Boy Wonder from the original version, we’re welcomed by producer, Yolophonik who makes multiple appearances in this surprise project.

Having never smoked weed or had an edible before, Yolo talks about experiencing his first musical high (“not High School Musical”) from listening to Michael Jackson.

We move on to Bet On Myself, a new addition with production from Sundae Beats. Reece puts the cherry on top and details his experiences from being doubted to being unrivaled, as well as his impact in the game.

The mix master, Yolophonik makes three more appearances in Can’t Open My Eyes, Live Once, and Intentions Interlude; offering a variety of vibey mixes to the original songs and taking the listener on a trip. Happy 4/20.

Vibe to the project below:

The Burning Tree: Remix Deluxe
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