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A Look Into Sjava’s #Isibuko Album & Live Medley

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With just a couple of weeks following the release of his latest offering, Sjava is working tirelessly to give fans and listeners an unforgettable sonic experience.

To date, Isibuko has garnered close to 12 million streams across multiple platforms including Spotify (3.75Million), YouTube (3.7Million), and Apple Music (3.6Million). And the numbers just keep rising!
#Isibuko album streams

Coming off the release of his album, the KwaZulu-Natal native was met with positive reviews and reactions from supporters, so much so that the trend #WhenSjavaSaid found its way to out social media timelines and had fans raving over his songs.

To keep the momentum going, Sjava and his team offered fans a brief breakdown of each song from the album that explains the message and/ or his thought process at the time of penning the lyrics. Take a look (to be updated):

Now that we have a better understanding of the songs, I believe that we’ll be able to appreciate the music Sjava gave us in this album. Bare in mind that not many artists do this, let alone share lyrics to their songs. This is going the extra mile, ensuring that you shed light over the confusion and misunderstanding.

Essentially, Isibuko is about healing and growing, facing your flaws, accepting them, and moving towards rehabilitation. As a public figure, Sjava’s personal life tends to be exposed to outside forces that, knowingly or unknowingly, add to the burdens and frustrations of his celebrity. He touches on the various parts of his life, speaking on his flaws and failures, looking to rectify his mistakes and shortcomings.

The other day, I was thinking about how amazing an artist Sjava is, and how he seems to wear his heart on his sleeve in every song that he writes. He’s shown this to us in every musical offering he’s released and been part of. Every performance is an out of body experience and he continues to up the ante.

Still on the run promoting the album, Sjava offers listeners a live medley of Isibuko where he performs songs from the introspective body of work. “We’ve created this live medley for Isibuko just to thank you for your support over the past week or so,” he expressed.

He performs his songs in a dimly lit room. A minimalistic setting, Sjava sings while surrounded by burning candles and a single a full-length mirror placed close by. It’s no mistake that he used white candles as they’ve been known to symbolize hope, new beginnings, purification, peace, and harmony. Let the healing begin.

Watch the performance below:

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