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2022 Wrap-Up For The Cameroonian Rapper, Kitz

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In the year 2022, the Buea rapper released 10 projects and it is evident to say he has been on the grind all year and has really raised the standard for himself.

With the same energy and more, 2023 might just do the magic for the young creative.

A wider survey showed that the rapper collaborated on different frontiers in the creative industry with one of his latest being in the fashion industry – his year-long collaboration with Mask23 Wears.

Below are the 10 Projects Kitz released this year.

Mboko Drill Episode 1 (Video)

Mboko Drill Episode 2 (Video)

Mboko Drill Episode 3 (Video)

Mboko Drill Episode 4 (Video)

Mboko Drill Episode 5 (Video)

On God

Aza Man

Voice Of The Street (VOTS) Album


Qatar Anthem (Video)

Before you go, Kitz has this to say about himself.

“My name is Kitz. I am popularly known as the TRAP STAR. I am a Trap rapper from the North West region of Cameroon. Born in 1995. I am one of Cameroon’s most consistent and most celebrated Trappers. I found interest in music especially Trap back in the days of high school formation and since then I have musically branded myself in every possible sphere.
I count myself lucky to be part of the new wave of rappers in Cameroon now. In this present age, culture is changing far more frequently than ever before, reflecting styles of music that are evolving daily, the reason why my music is unique. My music reflects the culture of our day. You can see the fingerprints of a certain generation in my lyrics and sound.
My motivation as an artist/Rapper is to be able to tell a story and paint the picture of every hustler caught up in life’s tussles and hustles to make out the best of it. I am the voice of the street and I am always ready to project the story of at least a cross-section of youths out there in their strive and thrive to survive.
I want to use my music as a tool to convey a message to the mass, integrating social ills, circumstances and day-to-day experiences about those generally considered to be hustlers and the street in general. WELCOME TO MY WORLD”


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