Rouge Defends Boity From A Troll Saying She Can’t Rap

Rouge Defends Boity From A Troll Saying She Can’t Rap! The Hip Hop industry is one of the most competitive industries in the entertainment industry.

We have seen artists take jabs at each other all for the sake of publicity with some beefs elevating the industry and the careers of those who are involved. Although this is often the case, females in the SA Hip Hop industry have since defied the norm.

We have seen several women in the game make amends after they had beefed over petty issues like Gigi Lamayne and Nadia Nakai. Females in SA Hip Hop seem to show a rather united forefront although there aren’t that many collaborations going on amongst them.

Following Boity’s single Wuz Dat being certified platinum, a fan went on Twitter saying that she can’t rap and compared her to Rouge and Nadia Nakai. Rouge saw the tweet and responded showing her gratitude to the fan and also defended Boity praising her monumental achievement.

“Thanks fam but she just showed us its possible to make such nunbers, everyone is playing a key role in history for the girls in HIPHOP. It’s awesome,” tweeted Rouge responding to the fans tweet.