John Cena Says Sho Madjozi Made Him Cool Again

John Cena Says Sho Madjozi Made Him Cool Again! Earlier this year we saw Sho Madjozi drop her viral hit single John Cena.

The song has literally taken on a life of its own gaining 5 million views on YouTube on her Colors performance. John Cena even went on to share a picture of Sho Madjozi on his Instagram and danced to the song on The Ellen Degeneres.

Sho Madjozi was recently interviewed on the Kelly Clarkson show were she had a rather big surprise waiting for her. She was surprised while performing her single John Cena on the show and the former wrestler surprised her.

John Cena then went on to speak on the show singing the rappers praises and commended her for making him cool. “Hearing that song, like you’re cool and I’m not. So something like that kinda makes me half cool again which is the best thing ever,” said John Cena.