AKA Bashes Brands Pouring Money Into The KFC Wedding

AKA Bashes Brands Pouring Money Into The KFC Wedding! Earlier today, everyone’s timeline in South Africa with the KFC Proposal.

A lot of celebrities in South Africa decided to lend a helping hand to the couple with quite a number of artists offering to perform at the wedding. Celebrities were not the only ones who were adding to the wedding with several local brands fighting for the slot to sponsor the wedding.

AKA decided to go on Twitter and share his thoughts on the matter and went against the masses on social media. Whilst a lot of people were supporting the notion, AKA went on to bash the brands that are pouring money into the wedding saying they could’ve poured money into paying student debts.

“If only brands could come together like this to pay student debt. Seems like they suddenly have money,” tweeted AKA. The rapper received a lot of support from his fans whilst some people saw his comments as just negative