‘Confluence’ by Vader and Teckzilla is flames [EP Review]

The project is personal to Vader

“17 when I heard of Teckzilla, now 26 on a project with Zilla…” is probably the pick of the bars on ‘Confluence,’ Vader’s collaborative EP with OG producer, Teckzilla.

It’s both substantial and humble. It also underlines the story behind this project – a co-sign and show of love. Vader is the young rapper with his second project of 2019 who got Teckzilla on a project.

It might just be three songs, but it is a tale of bars dipped in nostalgia, introspect and venom. How can someone rap, “F**k the world, I was born with a hard-on?Teckzilla comes through for everybody he works with, but the madness of ‘So Incredible‘ is one of this writer’s favourite works by him. Those horns are ridiculously beautiful and triumphant.

Vader didn’t disappoint him on the track either, he came and he came hard – pause! ‘Tobi’s Song‘ is more introspective and lo-fi. It documents Vader’s dreams and journey to this point – the sadness and frustrations of trusting the process. For the first time, he also raps about losing his dad and his promise to his mom.

Dear Vader, you can’t be tired and exhausted. Keep going. The problem with this project is its length.

You can play the project HERE.


8/10 – Victory.