Zoocci CokeDope Debuts The Heartfelt #Regrets ft Ami_Faku

A brand new day can mean so much to different people. It can be a new beginning, living under a new sky. A chance to start over and forget everything that happened the previous day. The pain, you can either embrace it, learn from it, or ignore it. Either way, as the new day comes, you have to make a decision whether you are willing to get up, or you will cling on to that which brings you no joy.

I pray that your time will come, so all your dreams come true…”

Ami Faku opens up on the brand new heartfelt, honest, and bare Zoocci Coke Dope single. Titled “Regrets

,” as the somber instrumental begins, both musicians share what they regret mostly from relationships, to chasing fame. But in hopes of a better day, they look to time and decide on what’s worth it and what they chose to live for instead of dwelling in the past.