Sjava Mentions One Thing He Won’t Tolerate From Other Artists No Matter How Good They Are

As we all aware now Sjava is a proud Zulu man who values qualities that promote peace, love and a warm environment. To prove just how far he is willing to put an emphasis of such values he said that he will never work with artists who are disrespectful.

Sjava took to Twitter to state boldly that to him it doesn’t matter how good you are, if you lack respect he won’t work with you. We not sure if it was directed at a certain someone or was merely addressing that if you don’t value respect don’t bother coming his way.

We have seen the way Sjava behaves around people, it is nothing rehearsed, everyone of every class or gender he treats with equal respect. He even went around taking images with all kinds of South Africans holding his BET Award. As the saying goes you give respect to get it and that’s what Sjava is all about which is why he won’t tolerate disrespect even for the check.

“I don’t care how great you are mawungahloniphi ngeke ngisebenze nawe,” he wrote.

Fans of course also had something to say about Sjava’s statement, even the likes of Black Coffee agreed with him on that, making clear that respect is an essential part of work ethic.