Cassper Nyovest On Why He Considers YoungstaCPT A Role Model

Cassper Nyovest has sent a heartfelt shoutout to rapper YoungstaCPT praising him for his skills and his newly released album 3T.

Mufasa proved that being in the same space doesn’t mean that you should squabble or be in competition but you can learn from each other and appreciate each other’s work. Both rappers revealed how they inspire one another.

“Youngsta is sooo important to our culture and our country. Such a rare breed!!! A role model!!! A man with substance!!! I salute you Dawg!!! Thank you for representing your people sooo well!!! Listening to 3T and this does not deserve a fast listen. Salutas!!! Lemme digest,” wrote Cassper Nyovest.

YoungstaCPT responded to the tweet by saying that he has also been looking up to Nyovest and how he serves as an inspiration to him.

“I saw you carve a lane for yourself so i was inspired to do the same, mutual respect bru! real recognizes real,” said YoungstaCPT.

Youngsta even hinted that they might be collaborating on some music in future which fans are already yearning for.

“casspernyovest & I go way back, I believe ‘Doc Shebeleza’ & ‘Cara Cara’ gave SA HIP HOP new life that I used to kickstart my career. I also respect his hussle & believe we can ALL learn something from the moves! Don’t hate! Collaborate 👍.”