Sjava Speaks Of His Journey As A Soccer Player

Sjava had proven a while back that he is the man of many talents and we have seen him grace the screens as an actor, winning as a musician and a songwriter now he reveals he almost became a professional soccer player.

Talking abut his journey as a soccer player he mentions how he failed because at some point he felt he wasn’t cut out for it and acted recklessly.

“I’ve always known that it would be soccer or music for me. Even here, I used to play for Hillbrow Action Killers. Our coach was Bab’ Khuzwayo. I played soccer and even went to Wits and trained there. I played for a team in Sandalwood as well. Growing up my time was taken up by either soccer or music,” he said speaking to TshisaLIVE.

His decision is now clear that he chose music which he claims was his first love. He also adds that he hates the gym and was never well disciplined to actually be an obedient soccer player.

“First of all, I was not disciplined enough for soccer. For one, I would always get red cards because of fighting… I was very bad. I didn’t like gym as well, in terms of soccer I really wasn’t as disciplined as I should have been. It got to a point where I just went back to music because music was my first love. Even acting couldn’t replace music. I love acting and soccer but music was a calling I had to heed.”