Nasty C Hits Back At A Tweep Telling Him “Life Is Unpredictable”

Nasty C is currently having the time of his life in Japan enjoying the food he revealed he is loving to bits, but while at that he had to taste the bitterness from social media when a tweep advised him to tread carefully on his assurance about life and the future.

Nasty C has always made it clear that he is the designer and predictor of his life, to some people being so sure about your life and your future seems absurd because they have found comfort living in the mystery of depending on time to give them a tomorrow. Nasty believes that he is capable and in control of his reality and life which is hwy it will be how and what he wants it to be.

I’m the architect of my future. Your energy is for the birds. Change that before you regret that. I spoke my current state of wealth into existence. U can’t hold me back from NOTHING.”