Black Twitter’s Reaction To Cassper Nyovest’s Latest Shade At AKA

Cassper Nyovest has thrown another shade at Supa Mega which was too obvious for anyone to miss, the funny part is that it seemed to have been linked to Bonang as well who he is ‘good friends’ with.

After causing a bit of an earthquake on social media yesterday by claiming CIROC is bringing a watermelon flavor to SA as a way of marketing and further picking on his rival, he continued to grasp as much attention as he could by tweeting this :

Eish ,You know me I don’t know this super mega English words well. Please help me guys ? The saying goes ” He who laughs last laughs what what what kana ?” Please help me. ” wrote Cassper.

This comes after he has been criticized for his English on social media, instead of taking offence he decided to poke fun at it while shading Bhova.