iFani Drags AKA And Calls Him A “Boy”

iFani is sure making his presence felt on social media ever since he came back, he is taking shots at anyone no matter who they are. This time around the rapper dragged AKA and called him “Inkwenkwe” which translates to a boy.

In reference to the Mampintsha’s abuse to Babes Wodumo AKA wrote a tweet that was about how men are the ones who should be taking more action against abuse more than women.

“Forget women speaking out and marching and shit …. when it comes to domestic violence … what can women do? Nothing. It’s MEN who have to unite to protect our women and children. After all, we are the perpetrators. ” wrote Supa Mega.

iFani laughed off the tweet and that “a boy sends a man to do a man’s job on twitter”