The Line Up For #TheGigiGangShow Is Out

Gigi Lamayne announced her all-female headlining show to the country and the line up is finally here! Gigi, Nadia Nakai, Fifi Cooper, Nokwazi, Rouge, and Mpumi are headlining The Gigi Gang Show, and friends of Gigi will be the supporting acts. The show takes place on the 4th of May at the Elkah Stadium Cricket Oval in Soweto.

Too often, the celebration of women is relegated to Women’s Day or women’s month. For this reason, The Gigi Gang show was deliberately slated to occur outside of these times to promote the celebration of women at any time of the year. “It was important for me to do something for the culture and bring women together,” Gigi explains.

The Gigi Gang show is premised in changing the conversation around South African hip-hop; and does so by emphasising its women participants and being accessible to children as well. On the day, kids will be entertained with ride and more until 4 PM, at which time the show becomes more adult oriented. This is a major move for Gigi Lamayne, and she’s sharing this moment with the country too!

Check out the line up for The Gigi Gang Show below!