Blaklez Addresses Mental Health & Pays Homage In “I Have No One” Video

In life, people say things to you at any given time. Some of these conversations build you up or destroy your spirit. However, what conversations are you having with yourself when the lights turn off?

An apologetically drunken Blaklez exchanges words with a sober version of himself in the “I Have No One” music video. Shot by Fine Pictures, the monochromatic visuals feature one of Robin Williams’ ideologies as a lasting theme. Robin’s famous quote, “No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world,” is referenced in the opening frame. The visuals go a step further by including a quote from, South Africa’s own, HHP.

“I Have No One” addresses the stigma around mental health, and Blaklez portrays this visually in the music video too.

Watch Blaklez’ latest video below: