Until Next Time (EP) Is CozmikSA’s Jaded & Disillusioned Response To Love Lost

Valentine’s Day wasn’t romantic for everyone and for some musicians that shows in the music. For Cozmik, Until Next Time (EP)documents what happens when love is neither reciprocated nor appreciated. In the first track, “Health,” the Cape Town based rapper relates the story of a relationship gone bad after various attempts to salvage the love that existed. The hook mentions Cozmik’s thought process in determining that he would be better off on his own.


The second track, “Home,” opens with piano chords and a Nothing Was The Samereference from “Wu-Tang Forever.” Cozmik flows nicely over the beat without sounding like he’s biting. In a way that “Health” is accusatory of the unnamed romantic partner, “Home” sees Cozmik relay the wrongdoings of both parties. At the same time, the first track leaves the listener thinking that Cozmik is done with the relationship on account of being upset that the romantic partner in question is ‘bad for his health.’ Whereas “Home” bears a sense of longing for the relationship that has passed, and slightly suggests that there’s hope for trying again.