More Celebrities Added On AKA’s Roast

Each day comes with new surprises when it comes to the upcoming Central Roast set to take place on the 21st of February with AKA in the hot seat, recently the show announced three more SA celebs who will be roasting Supa Mega.

The added stars are Moonchild Sanelly, Papa Penny & Joey Rasdien. The celebrities have already expressed their views on how they feel about being featured on the roast.

Papa Penny said: “I’ve had my fair share of being roasted on social media in the past which makes me more than ready to be on the Comedy Central Roast panel. I will be bringing my Tsonga bling and flair to set the stage on fire. Here I come AKA.”

Joey Rasdien : “For the past few years Comedy Central has been instrumental in growing our industry, so to be able to get the opportunity to be on a Roast panel, roasting AKA is huge. I’m super excited. To AKA I say……. you went to Holy Cross Convent! Shame, that’s got to hurt. That’s tough. Maybe I can bring Bonang and Cassper Nyovest to join on the panel and then we’ll have a real bonfire.”

Moonchild Sanelly : “The Roast of AKA will be a comfortable space for me because I have faced a lot of criticism in my career, and I can take it. I would love to think that it lightens the load of rumours about celebrities because if people can see you laugh at yourself then they don’t have the power to believe that making fun of you hurts you.”

As Cassper said, Ksazobalit!