KaygeeDaKing Sports Musical Growth On His New #BeenKinginEP

You may, or may not, recall that Kaygee DaKing was once crowned as one of our underdogs of the month two years ago. Since entering the music scene, Kaygee has been putting in the work to sharpen his craft with every new song he dropped. Numerous releases and performances later, he is ready with his debut project titled Been Kingin.

I will be the first to commend him on the musical growth he displays on the project giving us a solid offering. Save for the minor audio corrections only an engineer’s ear will spot here and there, Kaygee sure brings the pots along in his EP. Displaying the ability to start and maintain a party in numbers like “Umtitilizo,” right down to the much more laid back “Mzala,” I’d say Kaygee is on the right track indeed. I’m loving his cadence in delivery and how he not only convinces me with his lyrics but actually lives his stories. The influences of SA hip hop’s kwaito textures are trickled all over the project, sealing it with the addictive “Vibes In The South.” Been Kingin is certainly worth the listen. Iss an EP my boy!