ShowDemCamp: These Buhari Times (Clone Wars Vol. IV) EP

With their ‘Palmwine Music Vol. 2’ still hot from it’s last year’s fourth quarter release, the duo Tec & Ghost are are keeping the consistency trail blazing with another project this early in the year.

The excitement that followed the imminent arrival of Clone Wars IV on social media days before its eventual release is again proof of Show Dem Camp’s revered dominance among their loyal fan base.

And while I spoke on radio about how Palmwine music was too immerse in highlife and thus losing it’s hiphop vibe though they did rap on it, this project kept it strictly hiphop which is of course a huge relief for core hiphop fans. This new project boast collaborations with the likes of MI Abaga, Vector, Ladipoe, Phlowetry, Boogey, Ozone and many others strong shooters.

LISTEN HERE: These Buhari Times (Clone Wars Vol. IV) EP