An independent rapper from the city of Pretoria, South Africa known as Tban took to his twitter with the enormous build up of his forthcoming single titled Majita.

This tune was solely inspired by the time he spent in the hospital and nearly lost it. In his exact words, “Majitas got me thinking I can be better if I believe in myself.” His true friends helped him back up while he was down and he wrote this highly anticipated song for them.

My attention was caught when I saw pictures of him and his friends going round the city of Pretoria pasting posters of this eagerly awaited song. Now that’s the kind of motivation and drive from a young man and his friends. I think he said he made over 900 pamphlets just to make mindfulness round the city he was coming with that fire tune.

Finally, I’ll need to convey the message here, Tban said this song is dedicated to the real friends out there. “Appreciate your friends with this song as soon as it drops on the 28th of October, 2017.”