DAWN E.P Review


3 weeks prior KingsVille rapper, Victor Ekpenyong Popularly known as V.T dropped his Debut tape. He titled it DAWN; Boy Meets World. The E.P which was for the most part hip hop and a little touch of trap music has the general population talking and this survey will shed more lights to why and how it did.

After a first tune in to the EP, considering the way that it was a debut E.P, the inventiveness of a young man who just met the world has got me overwhelmed. The all around organized flexibility and subjective creation of his first project shocked everybody. In spite of everything, I find myself starting my morning with this tape and I recommend you ought to as well.

VT, who has been dropping singles for his fans preceding the tape didn’t drop a track from the tape before it’s authentic release. You can visit hiphopafrica.net for his singles previously the arrival of DAWN.

As a rapper and producer, I should state that the kid has truly developed into a man and is creating to be a hazard in the music scene. On the off chance that you haven’t known about the chap, you truly are abandoned.

The man himself had this to state when asked what motivated the title and the E.P overall, “How it came up, well it’s a gathering of melodies from my times of understanding as an artiste and producer. The DAWN E.P is a rap venture that speaks about the early period of my music life, “THE DAWN” which means first light really implies a great deal to me as this E.P will remain an image of where I began from roused by the energy for the music, rap and love from the group”.

Aside the staggering exertion put into the creation of this tape, the melodious bar and conveyance were set high by the man himself and he had some extraordinary highlights from his label mates who conveyed exceptionally. I for one have an entire group of verses I cherish however my most loved remains, “People stab you in the back, then face you and want a hug for it.” Do I need to clarify that? I doubt. That is only one out of numerous. I recollect two or three individuals asking me who BB2M is, I let out a grin and say “Black On Black 2 Match.” I’ll want to expect you know Polo, he beyond any doubt conveyed too to compensate for what is by all accounts a risk to a great deal of artists out there.

Apparently, I’m required to express my favorite track on the tape however I think my brother, Ozasela got it covered for me. Man said, “My favorite art should be ‘Drama” but “Dreams” won’t “Let Them Know” . So “Till Dawn”. The whole Dawn project is my favorite and I feel great being a part of it.” By the way, Ozasela is the man behind the immense work of art on this cover. There’s likewise and digital book online on a snappy once-over of the tracks and their different works of art. here’s a link to it,

Digital Booklet

Just incase you haven’t listened to this project, I gat you.