Top Rappers RUIN Hiphop in Nigeria

There’s an apparent idea that Hip Hop music doesn’t sell in Nigeria and most Hip Hop craftsmen aren’t fruitful in the business.

Most Rappers tend to “Switch Up” and go “Commercial” so as to be “successful”. The industry has transformed a ton of promising talents into “Commercial Afrobeats” Artists as the vast majority of these promising abilities surrender doing it for the hiphop culture and go looking for ways to make dance songs instead of learning the craft of hiphop properly. This conveys me to some easily proven wrong inquiries. Do these specialists have love for hiphop? Is it true that they are in it for the cash? Do they simply need notoriety?

On the off chance that you have enthusiasm and ability for Hip Hop music, you ought to be doing it for the way of life and not the love of money included and since we have all transformed it into a wellspring of wage and survival instead of something we improve the situation the affection we have for it, at that point the adoration for the workmanship fades away as nobody is prepared to secure the way of life. I recognize the way that profiting off your specialty is an enormous wellspring of inspiration for each craftsman out there yet you ought to likewise not switch your craft cause it’s not paying up right now, because it eventually will.

The purported top rappers end up doing different styles and genre of music other than Rap and hiphop and that precludes them from tutoring the exceptional upcoming rappers, making it a troublesome fight for forthcoming rappers to discover their way through things which typically winds up in demoralization and dissatisfaction.

Additionally, I think creating a platform to make it less demanding for forthcoming rappers is a standout amongst other things top rappers can ever do to improve the situation of Hip Hop culture in Nigeria. Already established rappers should make the path of upcoming gifted rappers less demanding, to make a stage for them which will permit them move steadily into limelight. Jumping from one record label to another mostly ends in the aforementioned labels slaughtering the heat of real rap from the voices of these gifted upcoming acts all in a bid for cash. Truly, cash is great and we can likewise profit from Hip Hop music in the event that we can consent to have any kind of effect.

Bless To All The Real Ones Keeping It Real.

Article written by Steve Cypha