Five amazing things to know about Olamide

Whenever the name “Olamide” is mentioned, what comes to mind is a young Nigerian guy, considered to be one of the fastest rising stars in the music industry. He’s quite good at what he does, so no wonder he’s one of the most highly sought after music artists. He belongs to a clique of young musicians taking Nigerian music to the next level. This clique consists of the likes of Davido and Wizkid, among others. Today, we’ll be looking at a couple of things you need to know about Olamide.

1. Genre of Music

One of his most notable talents is his ability to produce fast-paced rap. While this style of music still needs to catch on in Nigeria, Olamide has managed to bring something different to the scene where most people prefer high-energy, party type jams. Olamide has managed to bring change by incorporating new skills into his rap music.

2. His Flexibility is Second to None

The 28-year-old Nigerian rap sensation is well-known for his versatility in making music. He is able to easily blend different tunes and beats. Although he usually raps in Yoruba, Nigerian slang and Pidgin English, Olamide has produced a few tracks in plain English too.

3. “Baddo” is an “All Rounder”

His ability to carry along any kind of audience makes him unique.
Olamide’s music will bring out deep cultural aspects of Nigerian culture to anyone that listens to it. The music focusses on his background and upbringing which makes it easy for many people to identify and reflect on the music. People from the high life society, professionals, students, market traders, as well as ordinary, well-meaning Nigerians appreciate the young man’s music.

4. Awards and Recognitions

Olamide has managed to scoop quite a number of awards. Nigerian Entertainment Awards, City People Awards, Headies and Sound city’s MVP awards are just some of the pieces that to make Olamide’s Trophy Room exciting.

5. Considered ‘Arrogant’ by Many

Some people may view Olamide as an arrogant rapper. This could be attributed to his hard-hitting lyrics, which don’t often go down so well with other artists. For instance, in his verse in the track “Ghost Mode” where he collaborated with Phyno, he states that he has achieved more than what other artists have despite them having been in the music scene much longer.

These are the top five things to know about the YBNL’s Boss. Stay glued to for more thrilling stories about your favourite celebrities!

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