Sizz The Truth: NEVER TOLD (Official Video)

2018 has been a great year for Ghanaian based rapper, Sizz The Truth since he put out his Debut project, The Whole Truth and he tops it with a video for one of the many well received songs on there called ‘Never Told’.
From previous single Show You More, one can tell how abreast Sizz is with highlife music and many diverse genres though being predominantly a hiphop artist.
In Never Told, He samples Ghanaian highlife legend, Alhaji K Frimpong’s ‘Kyenkyen bi adi mawu’ which was popularly brought back to surface in the early 2000s by Hiplife pioneer Reggie Rockstone in the song ‘Keep your eyes on the road’.
In the Hook, Sizz says ‘Though you were never told me se wo be yaa bor ni biom’ translated from twi as ‘Though you were never told, I’m saying you’re going to play it again’.
In this song he sets out to affirm his position as one of the best young rappers out of Africa with lines like ‘Got my eyes on the prize/ eyes on the rappers that I really idolize / y’all can keep the throne warm for a minute, thats okay but in due time I swear y’all have to vacate’, whilst sparingly referencing his fast lifestyle..
This video shot & directed by Akwadaa Nyame seamlessly fuses vintage and modern aesthetics to create something fresh.
Creative Direction & Styling by @sarf_bort and Sizz The Truth