Money is a symbol of value created by the human imagination with no intrinsic value of its own. Money as a store of value not only acts as a medium of exchange, but also as a platform for the documentation of visual imagery, symbols, historical figures and socio-economic influences/factors that represent a collective with set beliefs and traditions.
Money therefore stands as a reflection of a people’s cultural heritage. It also becomes a medium of creating a narrative that communicates a people’s origin and trado-cultural ideals and in the process, fuelling cross-cultural exchanges/conversations that tend to emphasise the beauty In the similarities and contrasting aspects of people from different countries / regional backgrounds. The same can be said of art.
Thus, it is safe to say that paper currency is art. In the light of this and the collection of various currencies from various geographical regions from around the world, I will be dedicating my time and effort to creating a collection of bespoke hand-painted sneakers that have taken into account the various details inherent within the paper currencies and the cultural heritage they communicate of the countries from which these currencies originate.
As one who has spent the last 20years devoted to sneaker collectiion and sharing a great love for these objects as art pieces, it then came as no surprise to utilise these objects (sneakers) as canvases for conveying the idea that money like footsteps, changes locations, hands and moves from place to place without barriers or boundaries, and as art pieces (money and sneakers) these objects communicate so much that that lovers of art and people generally should have a deeper sense of appreciation for this artistic legal tender.
The first in the series is the Nigerian 20 Naira note.
For a pair of hand painted bespoke sneakers with an old Nigerian currency note… Kindly email For price and delivery time.
It took a while to finish this up but it was worth every minute expended.
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