MC Challenge
This is a competition to find the most well rounded mc’s to represent them and us throughout any and all existing E.O.W.’s. For all the other chapters of E.O.W this is how they have been effectively running for years. Each chapter holds its own tournament, doing 4-5 challenges within a year and then doing a championship with all winners from that year. Chapters in the Unites States will send their champion to New York for the U.S finals. Whoever becomes champion will then represent the U.S in the International challenge of champs. Every country sends their winner to a selected location. 2008 was in New York, 2009 was in London, England and 2010 was in Berlin, Germany. Every winner reps in their native language and multilingual judges decide our champ.
The M.C. challenge goes as such:
Round 1: Written Round
DJ will spin a popular beat in which challengers have 1 minute to do a written piece.
Round 2: Acapella Round
Challengers have 1 minute to do a written without Music.
Round 3: Grab Bag
This round requires the ability to freestyle as challengers will reach their hand in a bag, pull out 4-5 items and incorporate the items into their rhymes. No real time limit, but after a minute a half challenger should be encouraged to hurry.
Round 4: Beat Juggling
Called MC vs. DJ in most other countries, the DJ is the focal point of this round. The DJ will play three different beats (30 seconds a piece) in an attempt to trip up the mc. The goal for the mc is to never stop their flow, stutter or do a “yeah, yeah”. DJ has to be on point during this round and can also speed up or slow down the records at will.
Round 5: Trade Fours
Challengers will be paired with other challengers and trade four bars with each other 3 times a piece. The point is to see how well they work with another person.
End Of The Weak Nigeria 2018
Loud Base presents the first edition, End Of The Weak Nigeria. Season 1, Episode 1.
Come with ya Dialectic Flows,: – Igbo
– Housa
– Yoruba
– English, All is allowed.
6 Mcs will be selected in 6 Episodes to Rep in the Nigeria Qualifier, Who are the best MCs. This Season 1 Episode 1 will produce Nigeria’s first ever End Of The Weak Winner amongs the challengers, who goes home with a plaque and Cash prize!
INTERESTED RAPPERS  Call/WhatsApp +2348117832742

Enquiries: Call 08063488041


@loudbase1 @djsnuffone
@eodub @endoftheweak @theoriginaljamescalhoun

DJ Teck Zilla Judges: Terry Tha Rapman, Amb. Elajoe & Mtrill MCs: Rapmania Tha X @rapmaniathax & Pg Blao @pgblao Entry: FREE NOTE: THIS IS NOT A RAP BATTLE, SO BATTLING IS ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN IN ALL ROUNDS.